ScopeMedia Inc.

Design & Marketing Director
Job Overview :
ScopeMedia creates automated solutions for retailers using advanced product classification technology powered by the intersection of artificial intelligence, computer vision and machine learning. I helped their team of data scientists discover a robust a route to market on the Shopify platform with considerate positioning and a comprehensive brand and marketing strategy.
I'm Proud Of :
During my tenure at Scopemedia it transformed from research and development company to an AI service provider working with thousands of international retailers.

I am proud to have helped identify a new market opportunity and implement a growth hacking strategy that led to the acquisition of over 2500 customers.
I Learned :
Track, Test, Iterate.

Incremental gains have a compounding effect at scale. I learned how to implement Google Analytics across our user acquisition funnel and track goal completions throughout the customer journey.
Company Website Redesign & Build
Company Website Redesign & Build
Product Management
Product Roadmapping
UX/UI Design
Front End Web Development
Social Media Campaigns
Shopify App Listing Optimization
Product Demo Video's
Google Analytics
Google Ad's Setup
Facebook Ad's Setup
Pinterest Ad's Setup
Reddit Ad's Setup
Hootsuite Post Planning
Instagram Automation
Customer Support
Having developed a remarkably capable series of image and video classification models to power a proprietary media analysis pipeline, ScopeMedia is able to offer expertise in facial recognition, fashion attribute analysis, similar image search, similar video search and natural language processing. 

During my tenure I helped ScopeMedia Design and launch two products and a number of spinoff projects.

First, a recommendation platform that improves popular eCommerce frameworks, like Shopify. The platform is designed such that, with one click, users can integrate advanced automation that has previously only been accessible to giants like Amazon.

The second product, aimed at fashion retail, offers the ability to create
multi-touchpoint conversion journeys with in store kiosks powered by AI.

The platform helps to drive traffic to eCommerce using in store interactions and in store displays, adding interactive personalized browsing to brick and mortar stores.
In - Store Kiosk Display App
Brand Spin-off Style Guide for Fashion Retail Project
Wireframes for eCommerce Theme
Wireframes & User Flow for Kiosk Display
Wireframes for Data Driven Fashion Index Application
Brand Spin-off Style Guide for Blockchain Project