Simile Product Suite

Shopify App Design
Project Overview :
Simile is a platform of AI powered plugins for Shopify and is comprised of 4 touch points for eCommerce personalization. Built using advanced neural networking technology, the platform is able to quickly add dynamic functionality to eCommerce stores in minutes. The Platforms modules are Similar Product Suggestions, Smart Bundles, Smart Search & Personalization.
I'm Proud Of :
I am most proud of developing a friendly and approachable brand that saw sustained merchant growth as a result of successful performance marketing and growth hack tactics.
I Learned:
Keep it simple.

There was an early debate whether to combine all of our apps into one but by keeping each touchpoint separate, we were able to keep the end user experience as simple as possible. For our merchants, being able to ‘implement AI with one click’ was a clear breakthrough in brand loyalty.


Simile | Similar Upselling
The Simile AI Suite is comprised of 4 apps for Shopify

Similar Upsell - Automated product suggestions powered by AI

Smart Bundles - Automated 'Frequently Bought Together' Bundles

Smart Search -  Image to Image & Natural Language Search

Personalization Suite - Track Customer Inputs for Tailored Recommendations

I am proud to have taken this project through its full lifecycle from conception, to launch and eventually growing the platform to over 2500 international retailers.

As design and marketing director, I had the responsibility of product roadmapping and performance marketing as well as customer support and troubleshooting. The Simile Platform continues to see consistent growth and has an average review of 4.5/5 on the Shopify app store.
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Simile | Smart Bundles
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Simile | Personalization Suite
Sustained Merchant Growth