Interaction Design Lead
Project Overview :
Reliq Health needed help designing the core UX of their remote patient monitoring platform for diabetes and hypertension. Drawing from my experience at the Emily Carr Health Design Labs, I helped align clinical and technical stakeholders and formed a roadmap to an MVP
I' Proud Of :
I am proud to have helped create a remote intervention system that helps vulnerable patients in rural areas take charge of their care and manage their COPD, Diabetes and Hypertension.

Knowing that thousands of patients interface with iUGO care for their healthcare needs on a daily basis makes me smile from time to time.
I Learned :
Listen to the experts.

When developing such a complex care system relying on my clinical advisors was critical.The precedent of existing healthcare workflows and Hipaa Compliance required continual validation throughout the prototyping process.
Patient Triage Dashboard
Immediately following Emily Carr University, my time at Reliq Health Technologies was a formative role in my User Experience practice. The LEAN nature of their product development lifecycle cemented my love for working with startups. The project was a great opportunity to facilitate design discussions whilst being led by business development opportunities as well as the technical capacities of the team. 

My main focus was the product IUGO Care. The platform is designed to link in home caregivers with doctors and patients through a multi platform PWA. As UX lead, I was responsible for outlining the core UX of the platform, from onboarding to practice management.

I am happy to see UGO Care deployed as scale in rural areas across the USA and Canada and am proud to have helped develop technology proven to save lives.

Following the projects completion, I decided to enroll in the Lighthouse Labs Coding Bootcamp in order to become a more effective designer for technical teams.
Product Management
Product Roadmapping
UX/UI Design
User Testing
Focus Group Research
Patient Registration
Patient Profile & Metrics
Early Prototype Example