ICANotes Behavioural Health EHR

Interaction Design Consultant
Project Overview :
Operating as a startup within an enterprise organization, ICANotes Behavioural Health EHR was looking to replatform their EHR application to a modern technology stack. I helped to outline the core UX of the platform, as well as provide a robust design system capable of growing with each iteration.
I'm Proud Of :
I am proud to help Behavioural Health Intervention specialists take notes and manage their practice more efficiently. Clinicians on the frontlines of mental health and addiction are heroes to the people and families they support.

Having the opportunity to design this EHR from the ground up with such a dedicated clinical team is part of why I became a designer.
I've Learned :
Ask First, Iterate Second.

When I joined the project there was a number of developers creating features but there was no overall design direction for how they would fit together. The opportunity to gather user feedback before the design process started proved to be a very insightful on-boarding exercise.
Medium Fidelity Interface Mockup
The ICANotes behavioural health EHR is designed for therapists and clinicians working in behavioural health intervention such as mental health and addiction treatment.

The application is centered around a note taking feature designed to speed up the documentation potion of their clinical work. This feature allows users to select options from a decision tree and have a natural human language sentence inserted into the note. The result is improved accuracy and readability of patient documentation.

ICANotes has a legacy program built on Filemaker that serves thousands of clinics across the US and Canada. By creating a modern PWA for their core customer group they hope to improve the overall user experience and increase their userbase.

My responsibility is to facilitate the design process with their technical and clinical stakeholders in order to redesign their legacy application to one which follows modern heuristics of interaction design.
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